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International Pilates

English Pilates class for expats

Pilates Premium Place is accessible for everybody. That means expats as well! That’s why you can sign up for an English Pilates class in Eersel. Do you work in the Netherlands, but don’t you speak the language fluently yet? And do you want to stay strong and healthy? Then join the Basic mat Pilates or Reformer apparatus Pilates classes at Pilates Premium Place. These workouts will be given by our professional, English-speaking teacher. You are also welcome in all of our other classes, and we offer individual  training as well.

The benefits of Pilates

The daily (work)life in a foreign country can cause a lot of stress. Therefore, it is important to take an occasional moment for yourself and to come back in your own strength. Pilates ensures a strengthening of your body and mind, which makes you completely in control and balance again.

More benefits of practicing Pilates are;

  • A better posture
  • More flexibility
  • A strong core (powerhouse)
  • Balance and energy
  • Confidence, control and discipline
  • Less stress, more relaxation
  • A good breathing pattern
  • In short: optimal health!

Personal attention for everyone

With our classes you can continue to work on your strength, flexibility, balance, energy and health during your time in the Netherlands. During the classes there is also attention for specific problems. For example, Back and neck problems, think about stress mentally and physically. Because the groups are never bigger than 6-12 participants, you don’t have to worry about missing something or not receiving appropriate guidance. Everyone receives the attention that he or she deserves!

Are you interested or do you want to know more? You can find us at Bouwer 1 in Eersel, at a small distance from Eindhoven. For more information you can always call 06-31919429 or email or leave a message via the Contact Form below. We hope to welcome you soon in our Pilates studio!

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